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6 Tips on How to Succeed on oDesk and Earn Extra Income Online

OFW Tips on How to Succeed on oDesk Online Freelancing [ www.ofwtimes.com ]

OFW Online Freelancing [ www.ofwtimes.com ]

LOOKING FOR A website to cater to your hobby or, perhaps provide a second source of income? Whether you are in the Philippines or an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), you might want to try oDesk. oDesk is one of the several global online marketplaces where service buyers and freelancers meet. It is a virtual platform where buyers >>Click here to read more>>

Homesick abroad? Call UGAT Sandaline.

Counseling for distressed and homesick OFWs over the phone or the internet without compromising their privacy.  [ www.ofwtimes.com ]

UGAT Sandaline: Free Online and Phone Counseling for OFWs [ www.ofwtimes.com ]

IF YOU ARE an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) and feeling depressed, homesick and lonely, you can now get professional counseling over the phone or the internet, without fear of compromising your identity in public. And it's for free. Whenever you are distressed, remember the name UGAT Sandaline.  They are there to give you expert and caring advice >>Click here to read more>>

Donate: Bohol – Cebu Earthquake-Affected Families Need Your Help


Bohol Earthquake: Photo courtesy of AP / Chester-Baldicantos / The Daily-Record

FOOD. Water. Tents. Besides prayer, those three items are the most urgent needs of families in Bohol and Cebu affected by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake of October 15. Your help is needed. We appeal for your generosity. Wherever you are, you can help. Donate in-cash or in-kind. If you are far away from the epicenter or >>Click here to read more>>

Stocks Investing for OFWs

OFW Stocks Investing

AS AN OVERSEAS Filipino Worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia, I discovered that stocks investing in the Philippine stock market is exciting, challenging, and if done properly, profitable. And for this reason, I invite you to try stocks investing, too. Besides helping the Philippine economy, your stocks investing may be one of the ways to help improve >>Click here to read more>>

This Christmas, don’t forget our typhoon-hit kababayan in Mindanao

This Christmas, don’t forget our typhoon-hit kababayan in Mindanao post image

UNLESS WE MAKE Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all our wishes for typhoon-hit Mindanao won't make Christmas 'merry and fun'. Tonight comes Christmas Eve. While most of us, Filipinos, prepare for noche buena, some 300,000 of our kababayan in evacuation centers in Mindanao will be missing the traditional family salo-salo. By now, many >>Click here to read more>>

COMSOFIL: Could you be the next OFW startup?

Comsofil – 3rd IT Olympics – Battle of the Computer Geeks – Joman Radaza

HAVE YOU EVER thought of establishing your startup business when you go back to the Philippines for good? Consider yourself lucky if you are an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia and you have interest and passion for computers and information and communications technology (ICT). Are you a computer newbie? That's not a problem >>Click here to read more>>

A view on the SONA 2012

A view on President Aquino’s SONA 2012

WITH REGARD TO the recent SONA of Pres. Noynoy Aquino, it was a litany of accomplishments and a wish list of what will be accomplished at the end of his term. To me it was all bluster, pandering to the select political audience in the hall (party allies) and to the public at large (his >>Click here to read more>>